Welcome! You have come this far. That means you have a desire to help others worship. It also means you feel you are gifted to lead and you consider yourself a musician, vocalist, or AV person. We are excited for your interest in our ministry.

There are four main areas to serve in.

The sound tech is the most challenging position in our worship ministry. They are the people who make what we do on stage sound great in the auditorium. People on this team will help set up during rehearsals and Sunday mornings. They will manage the mixing console during the worship gatherings, adjusting things as needed. They will also help tear down after worship.

Visual Tech
Visual tech is a behind the scene area of serving. People on this team will organize/build each visual playlist for our gathering. They will operate the software during worship, keeping what is on the screen in sync with what is happening on stage. Attention to detail is a huge benefit.

Vocalists sing. Vocalists worship as they sing. As vocalists worship, they draw others into worship. Singing isn't about being a star, it is about being a worshipper and a leader. Vocalists commit to attending rehearsals and sound checks, in addition to helping lead our people during our gatherings.

The Band
Music is a powerful thing. With our instruments, we create emotion and feeling. People on this team will make music with other team members. As we make music we worship and draw others to God. Band people commit to attending rehearsals, sound checks, and the scheduled gatherings.

Are you interested in one of these areas? We'd love to begin the conversation and see where you fit on our team. Here is how we start the process. Click on the link below and take a minute or two and fill out the form. We will connect with you with a couple days after that with audition music and times.

Worship Ministry Interview Profile