Our Purpose

As we live out our lives in God's story, we must have a purpose to our living. Everything we do is centered around our vision, mission, and core values. Our vision is what we want to see, the preferred picture of the future. Our mission is simply how we plan to carry out our vision. Our core values provide the reference points for all that we do here at South, much like the operating system of a computer.

Our vision, mission, and core values are the foundation of who we are and shape what we do.  They define our purpose for living in God's story.

We are reconnecting our community to God’s story, one person at a time.

We help people write the next chapter in their faith story by creating environments where they can seek, study, and serve God.


God’s Story
Jesus is the beginning and end. Revealed in His word, God invites each of us into His story and, through the power of the Holy Spirit, enables us to bear witness to that story and invite others to enter into it.

The grace God shows us is reflected in our relationships with others.

We do life together, intentionally building relationships that shape us into the image of Jesus Christ.

The church is not about me, what I want, my comfort, or my preferences. Because lost people matter to God, we engage people who are far from God, intentionally investing in the next generation.

We are extravagantly generous with our time, our talent, and our treasure. 
We never look more like Jesus than when we are giving.