Volunteer Opportunity for Guest Services

Guest Services Vision and Mission

We are intentional to create an environment that is welcoming and engaging, connecting guests with God’s Story, by helping them write the next chapter in their faith story.

Welcome to the Guest Services team!

We are so grateful that you are thinking about partnering with us as we serve those who attend South Lansing Christian Church. As a Guest Services Volunteer, you have the opportunity to create an incredible Guest experience for every person who attends SLCC. Think of your role as being the “host” in your home, and theirs as being the Guest.

Sunday Schedule

Each week that you serve, we will have a weekly huddle. The huddle begins at 9:30 a.m. in the Guest Services Counter. We’ll go over all the information necessary for that morning. We’ll also review all the handouts, signup sheets, and information pertaining to that week. Then spend some time going over any other important information and questions that anyone may have. It will be a time to encourage one another and end in prayer.

All Guest Services Volunteers will be at their designated locations at 9:40 a.m. ready to receive guests, and wearing your lanyard.


Team Leader

The first-time church attender decides within the first 3 minutes if s/he will return for a second visit. And a second visit is our “win.” Your goal as a Guest Services Team Leader is to make the first impression each guest has so positive that s/he will want to return a second time. This is critical because, with each return, a guest is more likely to respond to the gospel and write a new chapter in his or her faith story. Without you, someone might not return and miss the opportunity for the gospel to penetrate his or her soul. With you, lives might be changed.

Responsibilities include:

  • Be in contact with the Communications Director and know what is going on this week/announcements and to communicate this to their volunteers.
  • Must be present at the huddle (9:00am) on Sunday
  • Will lead a Guest Services huddle at 9:30 am with their team. This will make it so they can pass along important information, cast vision, and encourage your team members.
  • Be able to jump into roles and fill in as needed to keep everything running smoothly

First Impression

It begins in the parking lot. The first impression team is an excited, friendly and smiling group of people who are the first face of South. This team, literally, makes the first impression on every guest. Volunteering on this team isn’t just about helping people in and out of cars, but about creating a friendly environment where people feel genuinely welcomed.
Age Requirement: 15 and older

Responsibilities include:

  • Smile
  • Help with guests getting out and in cars
  • Provide umbrellas when raining
  • Assist guests in wheelchairs
  • Parking lot clean
  • Doors unlocked
  • Snow removal
  • Windows clean


This team actively demonstrates God’s love with every smile and hello. Conversations are short, but the potential to make a lasting impression is immeasurable. Do you have a cheerful smile and enjoy welcoming people? Greeters are energetic, talkative, and friendly. People who are relaxed are more likely to respond to the sermon.

Types of Greeters

  • Auditorium Doors - Another hello along with providing everyone with materials they will need for the gathering time. (Bulletins, Pens, etc) Age Requirement: 6th grader and older when serving with a parent.
  • Ushers - Keeping the gathering distraction free and focused. Welcoming guests to the worship experience. Helping them find a seat, minimize distractions so that guests are relaxed and ready to focus all their attention to our gathering. Age Requirement: 15 and older

Responsibilities include:

  • Smile
  • Bathroom checks
  • Lights On
  • TV’s On
  • General Cleanliness
  • Doors open
  • Printed Materials Ready


This group of committed volunteers is known as a well-organized and outgoing team that are servants at heart. They encourage our guests by distributing information and spreading the message of South through our other products.

Age Requirement: 17 and older

  • Left side of Welcome Center will provide general information and guests welcome gifts.
  • Right side of Welcome Center will provide information on small groups, Next Step, and classes.

Responsibilities include:

  • Be aware of depleting supplies and restock them or let the office know as soon as possible
  • Never set information on the top counter. All materials should be requested by a guest, allowing for an opportunity to engage the individual
  • Please keep the top counter clean at all times