The Talk

Like all things God created, Sex is good, but the historical teachings of Christianity might make it seem like that is not the case. In the church’s first three centuries, much of the Church’s teaching was that sex wasn’t something to be enjoyed, but, rather, only to be endured for procreation’s sake. Fast forward two millennia, and our cultural thinking is the complete opposite: sex is for enjoyment’s sake and disconnected from making babies. But what if there is some middle ground between Augustine and 50 Shades of Gray? Paul addressed his letter to the Corinthians to a church living in a world similar to our own. Immersed in a sex-saturated culture, Corinth was the ancient world’s Las Vegas. And while their culture was comparable to ours, their church – populated with former prostitutes, homosexuals, thieves, drunks and swindlers – looked considerably different. Paul taught these new believers how to recover God’s sexual ethic, embracing a holiness that sharply contrasted with their context. Can we do the same? Can we rediscover God’s intent for this beautiful act of intimacy?  


05.24.15 -  Pointed Words for Finger Pointers
Small Group Questions

05.31.15 - Becoming Christian; Becoming Christ-like
Small Group Questions

06.07.15 - Purity Paves The Way
Small Group Questions

06.14.15 - Good Sex
Small Group Questions


Covenant Eyes - Covenant eyes is an online service for internet accountability and filtering. They have many resources for dealing with sexual sin.  Even better, they are a Michigan company based out of Owosso!

XXX Church - XXX Church is another online service that offers accountability. They also offer tons of resources to address sexual sin. Don't let the name scare you away.  Check them out and help to regain purity! 

Every Man's Battle - Every Man's Battle is a book focused on helping me deal with lust. Since its introduction, Fred Stoeker and his team have added a plethora of written resources for men and women of all ages striving to be sexually pure. This site will help you look through the resources and you can purchase them there, or through your online book sources.



We understand that there may be some younger generations in our worship gathering during this series. The conversations about integrity and sex are hard to have. Our kids hear so much in school. They are taught sex ed at the end of 5th grade. We need to be a voice in the conversation. Below are some resources we have researched online that look to be quality work. We hope our digging gives you a starting point in the conversation.

Talk to your Kids about Sex (Healthcare.gov) - This site has many articles on how to have the talk. They also link to multiple websites and resources.  This would be where we would start if we had not clue of what to say or how to approach things.

Let's Talk About SEX - This is a book/guide to use for parents wanting to talk to their pre-teen about sex.  Parents and pre teens read the book together and discuss.

The Talk - This is another book to help you have the conversation about sex.  Our initial review of it has been positive.  Covers a wide range of topics that your kids need to be aware of, including unsafe touches.