Everyone who has some faith in God prays, yet not all prayers are the same. Some prayers are said in earnest as a student plans to take an exam. Some prayers are cried out as tragedies happen and life turns upside down. Others are said in thanks each day as meals are about to be consumed.

Prayer is us engaging God in some way. Sometimes we thank him for what he has put in our lives or we are telling him how awesome he is. Other times, we are confessing our struggles and asking for help. Even other times we are crying out to him for others who are in need.

Prayer can take many forms and happen anywhere. You can pray in your car just as much as you can pray in a church building. God doesn't mind being engaged at any point, at any time, or from any place.

Our Prayer Team wants to help everyone pray more. Below are some resources that you can use throughout the month to engage God.

Monthly Prayer Guide

If you have something you would like us to pray for, please fill out the form below. The prayer request will be filtered to our leadership and our Prayer Team.

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