It is the fall!!  This prayer guide will be a general guide to cover us through Thanksgiving.  If you have questions or need more help with prayer, please connect with us vita email at prayer@seekstudyserve.org


  • Pray for peace between countries
  • Pray for our world leaders
  • Pray for the tensions that continue to rise with North Korea and the world
  • Pray for peace in the Middle East
  • Pray for those that are trafficked throughout the world.  Pray for organizations like A21 (www.theA21campaign.net) who stand against human trafficking.  Pray for their boldness to step into the dark places of the world and bring light
  • Pray for the world to stand against organizations like ISIS and Boka Haran who reign with terror.  Pray that they will lose the will to fight.
  • Pray for Mexico as it continues to fight with the drug lords.


  • Pray for the upcoming election
  • Pray for the President as he leads our nation and closes out his term
  • Pray for our leaders in Washington, that they lead through humility and good
  • Pray for our ability as a nation to be a place of freedom for all
  • Pray that our country would be humble as we interact with the rest of the world


  • Pray for the Detroit area.  Pray for peace.  Pray for growth
  • Pray for the city of Flint.  Pray for clean water. Pray for resolution of the problems there
  • Pray for other cities and areas in our state as you feel led
  • Thank God for the beauty of our state as nature heads into the fall season.  Take some time to go out and revel in God’s creation


  • Pray for all of our schools as the fall season begins.
  • Pray for our mayor as he leads our city
  • Pray that there is peace in our neighborhoods
  • Pray for the housing crisis that looms with Magnuson Hotel
  • Pray that our local churches will work together to show God’s love to our city
  • Pray for the first responders--for their safety and for their desire to serve


  • Pray for the faithfulness of the church.  Pray that we are able to allow God to lead us.  Pray that we would be a humble people who show God’s love to the world
  • Pray for those who are persecuted for their faith.  Pray that they will be strong in the situations they are.  Pray that their faithfulness will have a positive effect on those who persecute.
  • Pray for those who are missionaries throughout the world.  Pray that their witness is strong.  Pray that they are full of compassion for the people they work with
  • Pray that we as a church are able to love our enemies.  May our love and actions change the hearts of those who stand against God.  May our actions draw them close to God.
  • Pray for unity.  For too long the church has done nothing but argue about who is right and who is wrong.  May we rally around the fact that Jesus is Lord and live like him
  • Pray that we are bold.  May we gather in boldness.  May we proclaim the Gospel with everything we are.


  • Pray for our church as we head into the fall
  • Pray for our boldness to invite people to friend day
  • Pray that God would raise up Kid Builders for each class in Kid’s City
  • Pray that God would raise up Team Leaders to organize & lead a class in Kid’s City
  • Pray for solid transitions for our students from Kids City into the Flood into Modified and into Thrive this fall
  • Pray for our students in those ministries.
  • Pray for the impact of our sermon series this fall
  • Pray for our small group leaders: that they would lead well and create safe places for people to talk about life and faith
  • Pray for our Serve25 Ministry as they look for opportunities to bless others in our community
  • Pray for our elders and staff as we lead the congregation into the fall


  • GO Ministries
  • His House
  • Intentional Impact Ministries
  • Christ in Youth
  • Urban Ministries of Chile
  • Sid and Sangs in India
  • Northwest Haiti Christian Mission
  • Rock Lake Christian Assembly
  • Great Lakes Christian College
  • Mechanical Ministries
  • Abby Weller
  • Christ’s Church in Albany
  • All Nations Christian Church

Pray for:

  • Pray that our missionaries are bold in their witness
  • Pray that they are strong and full of grace for those they are ministering to
  • Pray that they have joy as they minister