11.11.18 Small Group Discussion

FOMO - Missing Out on What Matters

Main Point: FOMO makes temporary decisions at the expense of eternal destiny.

  • What’s one idea from the message that stood out to you? Why do you think it grabbed you?

  • How did your choices in activities as a child (or the choices you make for your children) reflect your priorities?

  • Why is the fear of missing out so powerful?

  • Have your priorities changed since you were a child? Do your activities and usage of time reflect that change?

Read: Luke 16:19-31.

  • Why is it so hard to keep our focus on eternity?

  • The rich man held on to his wealth and Lazarus suffered. What are you holding on to that is causing others to suffer because you won’t share, because you’re afraid that sharing will cause you to miss out?

  • Does your life reflect a fear of “my church” or “my God” being changed by others that is preventing you from sharing it with others?

  • What choices are you making that impact eternal destinies, both positively and negatively?

Prayer: Pray that you keep your focus on eternity.

Posted on November 11, 2018 .