09.10.17 Small Group Discussion

Ruth - Expect the Unexpected

Main Point: Expect the Unexpected

  • What’s one idea from the message that stood out to you? Why do you think it grabbed you?
  • What is an unexpected blessing that you have received? What was your response to that blessing?

Read: Ruth 2:1-12.

  • Ruth going to glean required humility because it was a clear signal that she needed help. How do you approach a situation that you need help with?
  • Why did Boaz help Ruth? How can we mirror Boaz’s actions in our own lives?
  • Ruth specifically brings up that she is a foreigner when she asks why Boaz is helping her. How should we handle this question for those in our lives seeking help?

Read: Ruth 2:13-23.

  • Ruth finds out the truth of who Boaz is when she speaks to Naomi. Do you feel like it was coincidence that Ruth went to Boaz’s field, or God showing his love and loyalty to Ruth and Naomi? How do you approach the issues of coincidence and God directing things?
  • In ancient times, people associated everything with the actions of gods and whether or not the people are in the favor of their gods. How is this similar or different than how we currently view world events?
  • What is the impact on our lives when we try to explain everything with knowledge, science, etc?
  • God blesses us to bless others. How can you be an unexpected blessing to someone this week? Who is in your life that you could bless, but instead you talk yourself out of helping?

Prayer: Pray for God to give you the courage to be a blessing and see the people He has placed in your life to bless.

Posted on September 10, 2017 .