03.20 Small Group Discussion

#nofilter - The Power and the Powerless

  • What’s one idea from the message that stood out to you? Why do you think it grabbed you?
  • What comes to mind when you hear the words powerful and powerless?

Read Mark 15:38-39, Luke 23:33-43, and John 19:25-27.

  • The centurion is changed by watching Jesus. The thief and Mary are changed through words. Do you lean towards words or actions when trying to impact others? Why?
  • In these three passages, Jesus impacts the powerful (the centurion), the powerless (the thief), and family (his mother). In your life, which of these three groups do you find yourself trying to impact most often?
  • Which of these groups do you feel is the easiest and the hardest to impact? Why?
  • Do we actually impact others or is it God? Why?
  • Even while hanging on the cross, Jesus changed people. What does that mean for us in regards to when we need to be open to being used by God?
  • What filters do you use that prevent you from being used to reach the powerful, the powerless, and family?
  • Jesus looked at others through the lens of love and demonstrated radical forgiveness and an astonishing level of selflessness. Does the Church properly reflect that same attitude? Why or why not?
  • Do you demonstrate that forgiveness and selflessness? What can you do to continuing growing in those areas?

Prayer: Pray that we are open to Christ using us to impact others, regardless of their status in the world.

Posted on March 20, 2016 .