All Access - April 24 - Day 9

READ – Romans 7:7-13

I like the explanation the Life Application Bible includes with this section:

“Sin is real, and it is dangerous. Imagine a sunny day at the beach. You plunge into the surf; then you notice a sign at the pier: ‘No swimming. Sharks.’ Your day is ruined. Is it the sign’s fault? Are you angry with the people who put it up? The law is like the sign. It is essential, and we are grateful for it – but it doesn’t get rid of the sharks.”

There will always be a thrill seeker who is willing to run the risk of being eaten by the shark. He will plunge into the waves, willingly taking the chance that he will be attacked. In fact, he enjoys the danger. His pulse quickens with the knowledge that he is doing something he knows he shouldn’t do.

Isn’t that just like sin? The pulse races as you gossip / steal / lie / lust – knowing that the sin goes against God’s will. There is an unholy exhilaration that contradicts the inevitable letdown at the realization you’ve disappointed your Heavenly Father. 

That, writes Paul, is what the Law does. It defines sin. It points out what is right and what is wrong. And, in so doing, it reveals the forbidden fruit that humankind has found tempting since Eve plucked the first deadly fruit from the garden tree

Posted on April 25, 2017 .