Parents Lab

Looking back to the beginning of summer, I realize things have changed in my home. Four months ago, playing Legos with my son meant Alli and I would build things and he would play with them until they broke. Playing Legos now means he actually builds things, creates a story and invites us to join his imaginative play. 

Alli brought to my attention a few weeks ago that Legos aren't the only pieces he's putting together. He's asking bigger questions, challenging our authority, and trying to figure out his role in our family-and he's not even 5! We're doing our best to parent him in ways we've never parented, because we're parents and that's what parents do! The hard part for us is learning how to parent him while helping him grow his faith. How can we influence him in ways that point him back to Jesus as Lord? 

Chances are, you're either recovering from a phase in your child's life, or heading into one. Parents don't ever really get a break or a breather from parenting! What we'd like to offer you isn't a break, but it is dinner, community and opportunities to grow in your ability to parent and influence your children well.

Parents Lab will be on Saturday, October 15th from 6:00-7:30pm. 
Childcare will be provided!
Prepare yourself for pizzas by Pie Hole Pizza!
We'll get you a copy of Safe House by Joshua Straub (read chapter 1 here!)
You'll also meet Kid Builders and Student Ministers who work with your children.
RSVP here by October 8!

Questions? Email Josh or Walter

Posted on September 26, 2016 .