Beginning the Conversation of Prayer

We are a few weeks into The Core series here at South. We hope you have been enjoying Frank's messages and allowing God to challenge you. Our prayer is that each of us will take steps further into God's story through this series - that we will each create more space in our lives for God.

One item that we are creating space for is prayer. Prayer is simply a conversation with God. We want you to ask the hard question of yourself, "How much time am I making for God? How much time am I setting aside in my day to pray?" Don't worry about being honest. We aren't judging from here.

I've been getting up before 6:00am every morning to make space for what I call PBJ (Prayer, Bible, Journaling). I've been successful at getting out of bed. Some mornings I've nodded in and out of my prayer time. Some days were total failures, like Friday. You are not alone in the struggle to make space for God. We are right here struggling along with you.

Whether you are seasoned veteran of prayer, or a rookie of rookies, we have created a booklet that will help you understand prayer better. It also will lead you through a process to create your own prayer list.

We are providing this resource in a few formats. You can download the PDF here and interact with what we've provided on your computer or tablet. Or, you can get to it through our SLCC App for your Apple or Android devices.

We are praying that you have success in prayer as you interact with this resource and as you make space for God in your life. If at any point you feel overwhelmed and want help, please connect with us. Feel free to email us or call the church office (517-394-3220) and ask for help. We would love to sit down with a cup of coffee or a soda and work through prayer with you.

Posted on January 11, 2016 .