Kid's City Park: The Final Countdown!

When we started the KC Park project in mid-August, it was hard to imagine the space without the walls.  For years they had served as dividers, delineating classroom space from coat racks and a hall.  Their absence has created a crazy wow factor.  Don't believe me?  Bring someone along who hasn't seen KC Park, give them a chance to look around and see if they don't say "Woah!" at least once.  It's tough trying to reimagine the room with the walls!    

We've been chomping at the bit to see the finishing touches on the Park.  Like the 80's band Europe, I've been counting down to when the Park will be completed!  Maybe you are too, so here's the plan: Painting starts Tuesday the 9th and carpeting will begin after it arrives Friday or Saturday!  After that, there's just a closet to be built, audio & video components to install and creative decor to be placed in the room.  

Our kick off date is Sunday, September 28th!  We'll have Kid's City Worship at 10:00 that morning and our Family Worship Experience in the Park on Sunday evening at 6:00pm.  

In the meantime, please pray for our workers' safety.
Please pray that God would use this space for His work.
Please pray that Kids City Park would be a place for Kids to be drawn closer to their Lord and Savior!

Thanks for your support throughout this project, the changes and all the dust!



Posted on September 8, 2014 .