Give Till It Hurts

Sunday, I mentioned a Mother Teresa quote I had read the week before. I wanted to share where I read it partly because it is great and partly because I didn't do it justice. Here you go:

When it comes to giving to others, there are two ways to do it. There is giving that costs us little and doesn’t deter us from our daily duties. “Convenient giving” is an appropriate phrase to describe it. Then there is giving that costs us something more. It is not convenient and it requires us to alter our schedules and sacrifice some time that had previously been committed to something else—maybe even something important. This “inconvenient giving” is the kind that makes the biggest difference. “Give,”said Mother Teresa, “but give until it hurts.” Let’s remember this the next time our schedules are interrupted. The greatest opportunities to serve always cost us something. Until It Hurts

How do we live here in America? Do we realize we are the blessed of the blessed? What are we doing with the lives that God has blessed us with? How are we praying? How are we living? How are we giving? How are we dying to ourselves so that God can live through us? How would our church be different if we lived if we lived this way? How would the neighborhoods around us be different?

Jesus didn't call us to give a little. He called us to give all (Mark 8:34ff). I am in. Are you?

Posted on August 5, 2014 .