The Solomon Foundation - A Great Investment

I just returned from Washington D.C. and three days at The Solomon Foundation’s annual meeting. Each year The Solomon Foundation brings together investors and church leaders, so we can inspire and encourage one another. This year was no different. I left really encouraged to learn what TSF is doing in churches just like ours all across America.

That is why I am excited to have Russell Johnson here at South Lansing Christian Church on Sunday, April 6 to preach during our morning gathering, and for an investor’s luncheon immediately afterward.

And that is why I am writing you. I want to extend an invitation for you to attend the investor’s luncheon. Whether you have a little to invest, or a lot, TSF is an exceptionally safe investment that yields much higher returns than similar bank-offered investments.

For instance, if you have a money market account at your local bank –your emergency fund, for example – your typical interest rate is .05%. That’s right, 1/2 of one percent. By comparison a demand account with TSF has the same immediate access to your money with a 2.27% interest rate – 45 times the rate of the typical bank!

How can TSF do this? Two reasons: first, they only make loans to churches, and their church partners are exceptionally responsible. At the TSF meeting this week we learned that, in the three years since TSF began lending, they have yet to have any of their customers make a late payment. Second, TSF is a not-for-profit that operates very efficiently, so they can pay an exceptional interest rate to their depositors.

I hope you will take a moment to watch this video. You will be interested to know that our very own Kris Bargen produced it. It tells the story of how TSF is making a difference by lending money to churches that are making a difference.

Finally, I am asking you to RSVP online to let us know that you will be attending the investors’ gathering after church on Sunday, April 6 to learn more about TSF and how you can partner with them. You can open an account with TSF with as little as $25, so it is within the reach of nearly everyone.

We all know the difference TSF has made at South Lansing Christian Church. I believe they can make a difference for you, too.

Posted on March 17, 2014 .