Blessing Buckets Milestone

You see them each week. “Buckets on a stick” located in the lobby of our church building. Did you ever wonder how much money we’ve collected in the three years these bright orange buckets have graced our lobby? Three years ago our church was contemplating how to stay in our building. Michigan’s economy was still in its doldrums and our church simply didn’t have enough money to meet all of our obligations. We contacted the bank and told them, “We might have to mail you the keys.” In spite of those challenges, we looked for creative ways to bless people. We wondered, “How can a church that is essentially broke still help individuals who are themselves experiencing financial crises?” About that time we were blessed with a $5,000 grant from for Lansing Community College students. Through all of this we urged each recipient to “Pass it on.” That experience challenged us to develop a way to continue funding benevolent needs within our church and the people we know. The result?

Our Blessing Bucket ministry.

This week I learned that we passed a major milestone: we’ve given away over $25,000 through our Blessing Buckets! How amazing is that? How good is God? How much can we accomplish when we each practice generosity and throw a dollar or two in our Blessing Buckets each week? I believe that generosity changes lives; it changes us.

We have created a completely anonymous online portal where you can do exactly that. Do your preacher a favor, please. Take five minutes; click on this link; and tell us how God has blessed you through the ministry of these bright orange buckets.

Posted on November 13, 2014 .