Christ-Centered Home

We hope you have been as challenged and blessed by our current sermon series, Bless This Home, as we have been. We all want God to bless our home. And we can have a blessed home when we determine to be – not just a “Christian family” – but a Christ-centered home. Two weeks ago Frank challenged us with three building blocks for developing a Christ-centered home. We wanted to follow up and give you some specific ideas for taking the next step.

 Step One: Involve God in your daily conversation.

  • Mealtime is talk-time!
  • Ask about what the kids are learning in church, or what songs they’re singing.
  • Share what you’re learning in your daily quiet time.  This is a great way to grow as a family as you learn what’s in the Bible.  Sure, it’s a big book and our God is even bigger!

Step Two: Make church non-negotiable.

  • Church is not an option; it’s as important to your spiritual health as brushing your teeth is to your dental health.  Imagine what happens if taking a bath is negotiable…no one would benefit from that!
  • We prepare on Saturday night. Our clothing is all laid out ahead of time. Our Bibles are ready to go. We make sure we know where our keys are. We try to avoid anything that might slow us down, make us late, or distract us on Sunday morning.

Step Three: Show how Seeking, Studying and Serving God is fun.

  • Seeking God can start with a colorful Bible for kids!  A family trip to the nearest Christian bookstore will provide you with many options for toddlers through teens.
  • Fall is a great time to get outdoors and study the beauty of God’s creation!  Go on your own color tour and look closely at what you find.
  • Surprise a neighbor with homemade cookies or rake their leaves.  These are just a few ways to show your kids how to love others as God loves them. 

If you haven't already, check out the video above to learn more great ways to make yours a Christ-centered home.  What are you doing that’s making your family a more Christ centered home?  Share them on our Kid’s City Facebook page!

Posted on October 16, 2014 .