Backtracked Blessings

This past Sunday I encouraged our church to backtrack their blessings. Here’s how it works. I’m typing on my MacBook Pro. It’s a great machine – a real blessing. Where did it come from? The church purchased it for me when I came here six years ago to become their Senior Minister. The church bought the computer with the tithes of the generous people of South Lansing Christian Church. Where did they get the money? They earned it by working at their jobs. Where did they get their jobs? Those answers are as varied as their occupations . . . .

When you start backtracking your blessings you’ll eventually get to a place where you realize, “I have no explanation for it. It came from God.”

Backtrack any blessing and ultimately you end up at Heaven’s door.

Why is it important to backtrack your blessings? Because it reminds you that it’s really not about the money; it’s about Lordship. Who or what is the Lord of your life?

The concept of Lordship is all throughout the Bible, but I best understand it when I think of Merry Old England. Back then England was ruled by Lords who were wealthy landowners with estates about the size of three of our counties. They didn’t do much work; instead, each entrusted the running of his estate to a trustworthy servant who held the title of steward. The steward had complete control, yet none of the estate belonged to him.

When Christ is Lord of your life you give him ownership. He owns it all, and you and I are merely the stewards.

That’s why the issue of money and possessions is really about Lordship. Jesus told his followers, “You cannot serve both God and money.” (Luke 16:13) It’s an either/or proposition.

If Jesus is Lord, then he’s Lord of your tithe, but he is also lord of your wallet. And your house. And your 401k. And your stuff.

The challenge is for us to act like it.

Posted on January 15, 2014 .