You have arrived at this page for one of two reasons:

One, someone gave you a brown paper bag with a QR tag on it, which you scanned.  Or, you've heard about our Crisis Care Kit collection for I Love My City Lansing and you came here to find out more info.

This April South Lansing Christian Church is collecting items to be included in Crisis Care Kits that will be deliver to local women’s shelters in the South Lansing area. Please return the Donation Bag filled with supplies to South Lansing Christian Church no later than Sunday, April 24.

Then come and help us assemble the kits on Sunday, April 24 starting at 10am.

ITEMS NEEDED (Full size products, please)

200 - Bottles of Body Lotion
200 - Bottles of Body Wash
200 - Bars of Soap
200 - Boxes of Feminine Pads
200 - Boxes of Feminine Tampons
200 - New Hair Brushes
200 - New Pillows
200 - New Pillow Cases
200 - Bottles of Shampoos
200 - Bottles of Conditioners
200 - Toothbrushes
200 - Tubes of Toothpastes
200 - New Wash Clothes
68 - 3-Count Pack of Pocket Kleenex
6 - 40-Count Box of Gallon Ziploc Bags
100 - Packs of Men’s White T-Shirts (ANY SIZE)