In January we announced our plan to begin a second worship gathering this fall. We want you to have more details and ask for your help getting the word out, serving, and praying for our second gathering.

We need a second gathering because Kid’s City has been growing! We have classes with twenty-plus students. Teaching a class that big is challenging! Our fourth core values incudes investing in the next generation. A second gathering will mean smaller classes with more individual attention for kids to hear about Jesus.

A second gathering will give you another chance to invite your friends and family to South. Doubling the number of opportunities for people to worship at SLCC will make it easier for those with Saturday night or Sunday morning plans to connect with SLCC. Two gatherings will “double the number of seats” for first-time attenders to worship.

The space is the easy part. Each of us will need to up our serving game. Every person will need to find a place to serve. We need additional greeters, more people on our coffee teams and especially more Kid Builders for Kid’s City. Many are already serving in multiple capacities. We are so thankful you are! We need some people to go the extra mile and become an A1S1: attend one service and serve in the other. Or invite other SLCC members to join you.

Some are faithful attenders but are not serving. If that describes you, we need you to start serving. The only way we will reach more people through our second gathering is if we staff our volunteer positions. As serving opportunities become available we need everyone to step up.

Finally, we need to pray. Pray that our SLCC family will feel a burden for people who are far from God. Pray for your unsaved neighbors, co-workers, friends and family. Pray for courage to reach out and invite them to come with you to SLCC. Pray for our teams to add volunteers. And pray for our SLCC staff to plan well and trust God.

We will transition from one worship gathering to two gatherings beginning September 9th. We will gather at 9am and at 11am. Kid's City will be open both times. Both worship gatherings will be the same - same great music, same great preaching! Just happening twice each Sunday.

To make this transition as smooth as possible, we have a survey that we would like you to fill out.  It will help us know what gathering your family plans to attend.  It will also give you the opportunity to let us know where you might like to serve.