August 14 Storyboard Postponed

The August 14 Storyboard that I announced yesterday has been postponed until September 18.

If someone had announced something on Sunday and then emailed me on Monday to postpone it I would be wondering what the deal is. So can I be transparent with you? We’re postponing because we aren’t ready. Our staff has been running 100 mph the last several weeks. I was in San Diego last week for training, and Wally was called to pinch-hit for a week of camp that was short of faculty members. Josh just led and a week of church camp, and Walter took sixteen college students on a retreat. (He’s taking high school students on a retreat this week!)

That’s just the last week. But, to be honest, that is what the entire summer has been like. Living out SLCC’s Core Values has been fulfilling for your church staff, but it has also been a little exhausting.

So, rather than patch together the presentation for Sunday night I am calling an audible and giving our staff the night off. I am encouraging them to spend time with their families and to just rest.

I want to encourage you to do the same. You work incredibly hard in ministry and we appreciate it. We appreciate it too much to buffalo our way through a meeting this Sunday night for which we are ill prepared.

Thanks for your participation in Kingdom work here at South. And thanks for understanding my decision to wait a few weeks for The Storyboard.

Frank Weller