Kid's City is run by an incredibly diverse staff of Kid Workers.

  • Some have been volunteering for years-and some for just a Sunday or two.  
  • Some have been teaching together for ages, and others are just getting to know their team.
  • Some know where are the glue sticks hiding.
  • Some know what to do when the kids aren't quite listening...

OUR GOALS are to get everyone on the same page and provide our Kid Workers with the resources they need to "build kid size disciples."  

We don't like meetings for the sake of meetings. We know it's tough to give up family time for a training. That's why our goal is to get you in and out of the door in under 90 minutes!

We're going to pack each minute with...

  • Practical Tools: To help you Connect with Kids.
  • Perspective: Sunday Morning through Kid Eyes.
  • Partnership: Time with Your Team. 
  • Snacks: No, we're not above bribing to get you here!


Please RSVP right now!  Seriously, click and register...its that important!

Now that you have registered, get out your calendar and mark down Sunday, November 9th at 6:00pm sharp in the Park so you can become the best you can be for our kids!