Sunday, October 4 is Friend Day at South Lansing Christian Church, and we need your help! We want to help dozens of people write new chapters in their faith stories by coming to South for the first time that day and staying of the Finding Your Way Back to God series that we will begin that morning.

This isn't just pie in the sky; we have a plan.

The plan calls for enlisting 60 people who will invite 40 friends, relatives, co-workers, neighbors and acquaintances to come to our Friend Day. That's a total of 2400 people that will receive invitations. That's a big number; many folks might not think they know 40 people, let alone know them well enough to invite them to church.

But we have a simple, easy to follow process, and we will be leading every participant through that process. Here is what we know: if you commit to the process, and if you do your best, we can trust God for the results.

Imagine what the gym at our church will look like on October 4. Every chair that we own will be set up. 300 guests will be here in addition to the 300+ regular attenders. They will be your friends, your neighbors, your co-workers, relatives, and even some of your casual acquaintances.

And the coolest part is this: some of them will be in Heaven because you committed to be a part of our Friend Day team.

Our staff, elders and deacons have already committed to being a part of our team. That is over a third of those that we need to recruit.


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This is a big commitment we are asking you to make! Here are the specifics of that commitment:

  • Prayerfully identify 40 people that you will invite to SLCC on Friend Day, October 4.
  • Attend Friend Day team meetings each Sunday, September 6 - October 4 from 9:20-9:40. (If you miss one, follow up with Team Leader, Jon Jakubowski)
  • Send out letters to your invitees. We will provide a template for the letter and the postage.
  • Telephone your guests to confirm their attendance on Friend Day.
  • Be here on October 4 to greet your guests!

We ask for this big commitment for one simple reason: We can’t wait to see the look on your face when someone you invited to South is baptized into Christ. 

We are scheduling two training sessions to make this process easier than you ever thought possible. Called, Momentum, these two sessions are set for Saturday, August 29 from 9-11 AM and Thursday, September 3 from 6-8 PM. When you attend one of these trainings, we guarantee that you will leave knowing the forty people you're going to invite! Click here to RSVP for momentum training.