Kid’s City Serve Opportunities


Ambassadors are the first to welcome new families to Kid’s City, check-in their children and answer any questions they may have. Before families begin arriving, Ambassadors set up the 3 check-in computers and print name tags for Kid Builders and their kids. This is a once a month commitment on Sunday mornings, which starts at 9:15 and ends around 10:15, once all families are checked in.

Kid Builders

Kid Builders are people who invest in kids by showing up, ready to build with their God given gifts. What do they do? That depends on the Kid Builder. Some read Bible stories, others lead silly games, assemble creative crafts, lead discussions, and some help with crowd control. Each Sunday morning, Kid Builders gather at 9:30 in the Park to pray, take communion and get ready for a great morning! This is a 2-hour, once-a-month commitment.   

Builder Buddies

Builder Buddies are Kid Builders who help kids with special needs engage in the Kid's City program. They are paired with kids who need extra attention and guidance in order to feel safe and secure.  This is a once to twice a month commitment for 2 hours per week.    

Sanitizing Team

Young children in the Nursery and Toddler rooms have the opportunity to play with various toys, puzzles and play sets. These same children are also the most prone to spitting up, drooling and chewing on toys! The sanitizing team disinfects toys and play surfaces for the safety & cleanliness of kids. This is a once a month commitment that will take 1-2 hours after the worship service, or during church office hours.  

Worship Team

At 10:00am every Sunday morning, kids and Kid Builders gather in KC Park to worship together This celebration sets the tone of the morning! This service includes 3 songs, scripture, prayer and lots of laughter! Practice is at 8:00 am each Sunday morning.    

Emcees welcome kids to the service, share scripture, connect God’s word to the morning’s theme, pray and dismiss the kids to their classes.

Sound Techs help kids to worship by directing the audio and visual elements from the sound booth.

Song Leaders model worship by singing, teaching motions to kids and bringing a high level of energy to the service.